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  Next Meeting: August 5, 2017 

           Picnic at Weiler’s workshop site.  (Map)

at the Park Presbyterian Church, Maple Court, Newark, NY.



Newsletter:    July 2017         


  Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club Schedule -  July through August, 2017


Items listed in bold print are pretty much set, those not in bold print are considered tentative.    


July 8 Hunting Herkimers at Crystal Grove  (call Bill Chapman (607-868-4649) for details)


July 8-9: Gem City Mineral Show, Erie, PA (JMC Ice Area) Sat. 10-6, Sunday 1-5, visit http://www.gemcityrockclub.org/ for details


July 15 (Sat.)  Indian Creek for fossils (9 AM, 5475 E. Lake Rd., Romulus ) followed by Potluck Picnic at Mayer’s home.  Bring meat, a dish to pass and a lawn chair, Mayer’s to provide drinks, utensils, grill, and Seneca Lake.  If you did not sign up at June meeting, please RSVP to flexy50@yahoo.com  or 585-943-5058 


July 15-16:  Gemworld 2017   Hosted by Gem and Mineral Society of Syracuse,  SRC Arena and Events  Center, 4585 W. Seneca Tpke., Syracuse, Sat. 10-6, Sun 10-5,  visit this link for details


July 17-22  (Monday-Saturday) – CANADA #1 (Bancroft, etc.)   Leaders – Fred and Linda


July 22-23: Herkimer Diamond Gem Show & Festival, Herkimer County Fairgrounds, Frankfort, NY  visit http://www.herkgemshow.com/ for details



August 5th -  picnic at Weiler’s workshop site. (Workshop will be open)   


August 6 (Sunday)-  Green’s Landing fossil site (with RAS) -  Leader – Stephen Mayer


August 12 -20  CANADA #2 (Sudbury, Cobalt, Manitoulin Island, etc.)   Led by Niagara Peninsula Geological Society, St. Catherine’s, Ontario.   for info contact Fred Haynes


August 25-27 St. Lawrence County Show (Field Trip Opportunities to Powers and Bush Farm) Canton Pavilion (90 Lincoln St.), visit  http://stlawrencecountymineralclub.org/show_1.html for details



Oct. 20-22   2017 EFMLS Annual Convention in Bristol, Connecticut.    http://www.amfed.org/efmls/Feb17EFNewsweb.pdf page 9

We are working to plan a day trip to Seneca Stone Quarry and will also work in a trip to Deep Run and likely other area fossil sites. If you know of a site you would like to visit or cannot make a trip on this list and would like us to schedule a second visit contact any of us. WCGMC is always looking for a place to dig.

  check Events Calendar for Points Out and Around


 Workshop is open  Check dates    Map

Saturday,  , 2017


Bring your rocks to saw and/or polish. The workshop is

open to all paid club members; we do ask for $5/visit

from each adult to help maintain equipment. We plan

to hold similar workshops once a month through the

winter months. 


When:  10:00 AM til 3:00 PM, 


Where:  The Weiler’s Barn and Workshop            

                 6676 E. Port Bay Rd, Wolcott, NY  Map


Rules:  BYOR (Bring your own rocks, there are many that

            can be purchased) to saw, grind, polish or even facet.  

            Training on equipment is available.  Eye protection is

            highly recommended.   



Reminder: Membership runs from Oct. - Sept.

   (Microsoft Word Fill-in Form)  or   (PDF printable form)


Members for 2016-18 as of 6/27/17:

Allen, Beck, Breese, Brudecki, Chapman, Cordaro, Daniels, Dobbs, Errico, Featherly, Ferris, 

Haynes, Hoch, Jones, Keneston, Klass, Lesniak, Leszczenski, Linderbery, Loyd, Lyons, Millis, Morgenstern, Poorman, Provenzano, Reich, Rhoades, Rowe, Schiltz, Schmidtgall, Stanton, VanNeel, Walker, Weiler, Wirth, Woodworth, Zollweg, Wheaton, Davis


Members for 2016-17 as of 3/17/17:

Aldrich, Armstrong, Baker, Bancroft, Bastedo, Becker, Bigler, Brewster, Bricks, Bruster, Burch, Cappon, Cataldo, Curcio, Diaz, DiGristina, Donahue, Dougenik, Dow, Elias, Fry, Gates, Inzero, Jarvis, Kerr, Kisselburgh, Krisher, Leung, 

McCann, McGrath, Mobley, Murtha, O'Laughlin, Olmstead, Phillips, Retzbach, 

Pitcher, Scherer, Schroeder, Schwartz, Shorey, Smith, St.John, Sutherland, Thomas, Thompson, Tokaya, Valenti, Waddy, Webster, Whitney, Young, Zabarkes, Zeman, 



 New Link: Newsletter editor has his own site. Check it out. http://fredmhaynes.com/ 



Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00 PM

Location: at the Presbyterian Church, Maple Court St., Newark (CLICK for MAP)

         (Please use North side entrance of church to enter basement) 


Mail us at:                                                                   

Wayne County Gem & Mineral Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 4

Newark, NY 14513-0004 


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 Click for Pictures from Tichenor Point 6/18/11 

Click for Picture from Walworth Dig 10/9&10/10

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