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  Please call if you are planning on joining up with any of these field trips so we know who might be coming and if there is any changes you can be notified.     


WCGMC 2017 Field-Trip/Events Schedule 



Remember to attend a WCGMC field trip you must be a club member, or a member of an affiliated club if you do not live in our region.





Points Out and Around:    Mid-Atlantic region (PA, MD, NJ, NY, DE)



Trips completed in  2016


April 1 (Friday) – Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, NY   Leader – Bill Chapman

    Opening day at the Herkimer diamond locale, getting them before others!  $10/person



April 2-3:  Buffalo Geological Society Gem Mineral and Fossil Show, Hamburg Fairgrounds, (Grange and Market Bldgs., $5/ person  [ Focus on Crinoids ]  


April 14-17  Rochester Mineralogical Symposiumin Rochester, NY


April 22-24 (Fri Sat.-Sun.) Super Dig Weekend in Sterling Hill, New Jersey (Leader – Linda Schmidtgall)

        Visit to register or 


 April 29-May 1 (Fri.-Sat.-Sun.) - Pennsylvania: ( Friday-Mt. Pleasant Mills for wavellite, calcite and moreSat.- Red Hill fossil site, and Sunday- Carbondale-Jerymn for plant fossils) (motel in Lewisburg)   --  Leader – Bill Chapman


May 6 (Friday) – A Fossil Day   Ridgemont Quarry,Fort Erie, Ontario for Eurypterids   Leader – Stephen Mayer                  (Comments on quarry )   (Map)


May 7 (Saturday) -  Penfield Quarry Open House. (7:00 - Noon) - Be early for safety info. Quarry rules: hard hat, boots, safety glasses, etc. We drive right in. It could not be easier!


May 14 (Sat.) Club workshop is open


May 17 (Tues.) Ilion for travertine, etc.   Details to be worked out at the May 13th meeting.   Leader - Bill Chapman

 May 21 (Sat.) – Dig with the Experts Day at Penn-Dixie, see


May 21-22  Southern Vermont Mineral, Rock, and Gem  Show, Grace Christian School, Bennington, VT           WCGMC members free with dues card, others $5


May 25th weekend:  Hickory Hills will likely be open this weekend for Herkimer picking.  




June 16-19 (Thurs-Sun)  New Hampshire  (on Saturday we are invited to join the Burlington Gem and Mineral Club at the Palermo Mine, North Groton, NH – stops at Moat Mtn. and other pegmatites and sites are planned on other days   WCGMC  Leader -  Fred Haynes
June 24-26  (Fri-Sun)   NYPS trip to Ridgemont and James Dick Quarry in Canada   This is a New York
          Paleontologic Society Trip.  Trip is open to WCGMC members. Contact Fred Haynes
July 9 (Sat.) – Rickard Hill - Lower Devonian Fossil Dig – Schoharie, NY roadcut in Helderberg Group
          Joint trip with the Rochester Academy of Science (they lead)   (Details to follow)



July 9-10  GemWorld 2016 in Syracuse  (SRC Arena, 4585 W. Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse)     for details & coupon   



July 16-17 Herkimer Diamond Festival and Gem Show (Herkimer High School, 801 W. German St.)


July 23  WCGMC annual picnicand workshop event (note the move from August to July) Email EvaJane (gwexterior@gmail.comif you will be attending so we can plan for enough chicken. Don't forget your dish to pass.


August 7th Sunday -  Green’s Landing – Middle Devonian collecting East side of Canandaigua Lake

          Joint trip with Rochester Academy of Science (we lead) (Leader – Stephen Mayer)

August 13-20 -  Niagara Peninsular Geological Society trip to Thunder Bay Area.  Several of us are planning to attend this week camping/collecting long trip to the northern shore of Lake Superior.  For some information Visit or contact Fred Haynes


August 20-21 – St. Lawrence County Rock and Mineral Club Show  --- NEW LOCATION in Canton, NY   for details visit 


 Sept 16-18 (long weekend) – Star Lake for Benson Mines, Rose Road, Powers, Selleck Road and more.

        Please let Fred Haynes know if you plan to attend.  If enough seek overnight accommodation we can try to book a house in Star Lake.


Sept 22-25 (Buffalo Geol. Society) – To attend you must join BGS - 4 day trip to Cincinnati and 3 World Class fossil Locations (Napoleon and St. Paul Quarries in Indiana, Mt. Orab site for Isotelus, etc.) and maybe more


Oct 8-9:  Walworth – Sat. 7-2, Sun. 7-noon – 1200 Atlantic Ave Walworth NY 14568 [entrance on Tiffany Rd. about 1,000 feet north of Atlantic Ave. & Canandaigua RD] 

What’s to be found Minerals - dolomite, fluorite, selenite, sphalerite, celestine, gypsum Fossils - stromatolite, coral, crinoid and clam Plus- Glacial Polish 

Safety Meeting Mandatory – sign in 6:45 AM PPE [Personal Protective Equipment] Needed – Hard Hat, Bicycle Helmet for young people, steel toed/sturdy shoes, safety glasses, long sleeved shirts & pants. You also need to bring a Bucket, chisel, rock hammer, sunscreen and water bottle. 

Educational Note of the Day: In recent years the geological-powers-that-be ruled that the white Dolomite crystals shall be know as Dolomite and the gray hard abundant matrix material will be called Dolostone. Dolostone or dolomite rock is a sedimentary carbonate rock that contains a high percentage of the mineral dolomite. In old U.S.G.S. publications it was referred to as magnesian limestone. -Wikipedia For more information check Wikipedia’s site


October 22-23 – Rochester Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Fossil Show and Sale, sponsored by Rochester Lapidary Society, 



WE WON’T STOP HERE, but for now this is what is tentatively slated for 2016




Complete 2014-15 year:  


February 7: Club workshop in Wolcott (10:00 AM – mid afternoon) 

February 14-15: Capital District Mineral Show, Albany, NY Note, this is not the same time as the Flower Show, which is the following weekend.

March 14: Joint workshop with Rochester Lapidary Club (Rochester) 

April 1 (Wednesday) – Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, NY Leader – Bill Chapman Opening day at the Herkimer diamond locale, getting them before others! Visit 

April 4 (Saturday) – Long Pond Road Park (Marina Drive) in Rochester Leader – Stephen Mayer Targeting Dalmanites and Trimerus trilobites in the Silurian Rochester shale along the Erie Cana


April 11Club workshop in Wolcott (10:00 AM – mid afternoon) 


 April 18:  Fossil collecting at two sites in the Centerfield Limestone near East Bethany, NY (Leader - Fred Haynes)

April 19:  Mineral Sale at Ken. St. John's barn in Mt. Upton, NY, lots of fluorescents (Leader - Bill Chapman or contact Ken at 607-336-4706 )

April 24-27 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium in Rochester, NY 


April 25-26 (Sat.-Sun)- Super Dig Weekend in Sterling Hill, New Jersey (fluorescent minerals) to register or 


   April 30-May 1 (Thurs.-Fri.) -  Pennsylvania: Pleasant Mills for wavellite, calcite and fossils, Jermyn and Carbondale for plant fossils (motel in Sunbury)   -- Leader – Bill Chapman


May 2 (Sat.)– Penfield Open House, 746 Whalen Road, Penfield.  Arrive 6:30 AM for safety meeting,  Dig until noon.   (Hard hats, steel toed boots, eye protection and long pants required).


May 16 (Sat.) - Penn-Dixie Fossil Park, Hamburg, NY    Dig with the Experts, $30 fee ($25 for members)   see: or 716-627-4560


May 23th(Saturday) Workshop open 10:00 AM til mid afternoon Where: The Weiler’s Barn / WCGMC Workshop 6676 E. Port Bay Rd, Wolcott, NY   Rules: BYOR (Bring your own rocks) to saw, grind, polish, or even facet. Training on equipment is available. Eye protection.   $5/visit for adult club members, children are free


May 24thweekend:  Hickory Hills will likely be open this weekend for Herkimer picking.  (Contact them directly).


May 30th(Saturday) – Ilion, NY for travertine (and probably an additional fossil stop)Leader – Bill Chapman




June 12-14 (Friday-Sunday)- Some of us will accompany Dry Dredgers of Cincinnati to Ridgemount Quarry in Ontario on a Eurypterid hunt (10 miles from Buffalo) and then to Penn-Dixie or other Buffalo area sites.  (Contact Stephen Mayer or Fred Haynes if interested)


une 19-20 (Friday-Saturday)   Do we call this a dig!  Bill Chapman is having his more or less annual “Rocks by the Pound” extravaganza at his rock pile(s) in Prattsburgh  (Learn more at May mtg.or visit Bill at the show)


June 26th (Sat.) - Alden, NY for pyrite nodules and pyritized fossils.  Leader - Bill Chapman
         Meet at the Dollar General in Alden on Rte 20 at 10:00 AM or arrive early and walk in yourself. Pending rainfall.

July 11-12 GemWorld 2015 in Syracuse visit for details


July 19-26 –Bancroft, Ontario (5-6 days in/ around the “Mineral Collecting Capital of Canada”)  We may add Cobalt to the agenda.  Planning will continue but this will be the week   Leader – Fred Haynes.


August 9th ((Sunday) - Green's Landing along east side of Canandaigua Lake  Leader - Stephen Mayer 
         Great location for Middle Devonian Hamilton Group Fossils.  Meet at Deep Run Beach Parking area at 9:00 AM.   We will carpool a short distance to the site, which is on private land.  1500' walk up the creek, expect to get your shoes wet.

August 15th (Sat.)  -  The Club picnic at the Weiler's home in Wolcott.   Don't miss this.  The workshop will be open.  Watch the July and August newsletters for details.


Complete 2013-14 year:


March 22 (Saturday) – Long Pond Road Park (Marina Drive) West Rochester Leader – Stephen Mayer  (943-5058)  Meet at Marina Drive Circle area at 10 AM

Targeting Dalmanites and Trimerus trilobites in the Silurian Rochester shale alongside the Erie Canal.   Results report at April Mtg.


April 1 (Tuesday) – Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, NY Leader – Bill Chapman.    Opening day at the Herkimer diamond locale, Great time had by those attending


April 12-13 (Sat-Sun) - Mt. Pleasant Mills, St. Claire, & Jermyn, PA    Leader – Bill Chapman - Wavellite, calcite, etc. at National Lms. Quarry, white fern fossils in St. Claire and likely more Weather was great along with the collecting


April 26 (Sat) – Sterling Hill Super Dig, Ogdensburg, NJ  (9 AM-11PM), $20 fee for event, collecting fee of $1.50/pound.  All in attendance came back sore and loaded with minerals. 


April 24-27 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium in Rochester, NY

    Check the RMS link ( for details of the 4 day event. 

    From those that attended "A show not to miss" 


May 3  (Sat)  Penfield Quarry Open House, 7:00 AM to noon. Be there at 6:50 for sign-in/safety review 


Hickory Hill together with Che-Hanna Club Leader – Bill Chapman Postpone DTBD   Herkimer area dig, small added fee likely for new exposures


May 10  (Sat)  – Alden, NY for pyrite nodules and pyritized fossils  Park at the north end of Dollar General's parking lot. We'll be going down to the creek at 10 AM looking for pyritized nodules & ammonites. Expect mud, water and a 1/4 mile walk. It's always a good time.   Leader – Bill Chapman


May 17 (Sat)  - Penn-Dixie Fossil Park, Hamburg, NY Leader - Gary Thomas      Dig with the Experts, $30 fee ($25 for members) for details:   or 716-627-4560  


May 24 (Sat) Club digging at Hickory Hills.  Site open to Public: Thursday(22) - Monday(26) 8:00AM - 5PM.  $8.00/person/day Free camping- no facilities.  Club leader – Bill Chapman.  map


May  31-June 1 - (Sat-Sun) - St. Lawrence Country Trip #1 Leader – Fred Haynes    Rose Road in Pitcairn, Fine area, Benson Mines (See May Newsletter p.1 for more details) Will be meeting at 10:00 AM Sat. at the Star Lake IGA. Approx. 1 hour east of Watertown.




June 21-22 (Sat-Sun) – St. Lawrence County Trip #2 Leader – Fred Haynes

Selleck Road (tremolite, fluor-uvite), Powers Farms (dravite), and probably more


July 1 (Tuesday) Ace of Diamonds Middleville, NY  Leader – Bill Chapman. 

July 8 (Tuesday) Alden, NY for pyrite nodules and pyritized fossils, see May 10th.  

July 19 (Saturday) – Canandaigua Lake fossil collectng excursion, multiple sites, very kid friendly (meet 8 AM, dig 'til 9AM at first collecting site, which is south end of parking lot for Finger Lakes Com. College, off County road 18)

July 21-25 -  Bancroft (group plans to camp) - for logistic details if interested, contact Linda Schmidtgall , 315-365-2448, c315-651-1741

Found excellent sample material & some slightly hot items.


Aug 22-24 St. Lawrence County Club Show, Madrid, NY  

     Saturday Field Trip to Powers Farm (tourmalines doubled) ,  Sunday Field Trip to Bush Farms, Friday Contact Bill Chapman (See above) for Details for stops & times on the way up.


September 13 (Saturday)– Another day at Ace of Diamonds in Middleville, NY    Contact Bill Chapman for details  607-868-4649   c585-472-9298 

September 20 (Saturday) -  We are invited to join the SUNY-Plattsburg Geology Club Fall trip.  They will visit       Benson Mines in the AM and Rose Road in Pitcairn in the PM.  Two neat sites.      

SUNY Plattsburg Leader – Dr. Mary Roden-Tice,  WCGMC Leader – Fred Haynes  Details contact,  Fred Haynes:   

Great weather day & excellent collecting at all locations. Very informative with the students.


September 27 (Saturday) - Fossil dig at "Deep Run", if you plan to go, Contact Stephen Mayer at 585-943-5058 or

Another great venture, 17 members (11 different families). Some beautiful specimens found.


October 11 &12 (Sat. & Sun.)  - Walworth Quarry Openhouse (Sat. 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM,  Sun. 7- Noon) Arrive early to sign and Safety Talk. Bring safety gear: glasses, hard hat, boots, & long pants.   Contact Bill Chapman 
October 25 &26 (Sat. & Sun.)  - ROCHESTER, NEW YORK: Annual show; Rochester Lapidary Society; Main Street Armory; 900 E. Main St.; Sat. 10-6, Sun. 10-5; adults $6, students $3, children free; "Thinking Outside the Jewelry Box: Rock and Roll" exhibit, more than 23 dealers, rocks, minerals, fossils, gems, jewelry, beads, kids' activities, straw draw, gem sluice, mineral bingo, door prizes, lapidary demonstrations, sphere machines, faceting, cabbing; contact James Redden, (585) 303-2695; e-mail:; Web site: 



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