FieldTrip Chair: Bill Chapman 

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  Please call if you are planning on joining up with any of these field trips so we know who might be oming and if there is any changes you can be notified.     


Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club 2014 Field Trip Schedule last update (6/29)


This list is tentative and subject to change. As the spring/summer progresses, updates will be provided in the monthly newsletter, on the website, and at club meetings. You can always contact our leader, Bill Chapman, if you are uncertain whether you have the latest information.


July 1 (Tuesday) Ace of Diamonds Middleville, NY  Leader – Bill Chapman. 

July 8 (Tuesday) - Alden, NY for pyrite nodules and pyritized fossils, see May 10th.  

July 19 (Saturday) – Canandaigua Lake fossil collectng excursion, multiple sites, very kid friendly (meet 8 AM, dig 'til 9AM at first collecting site, which is south end of parking lot for Finger Lakes Com. College, off County road 18)

July 21-25 -  Bancroft (group plans to camp) - for logistic details if interested, contact Linda Schmidtgall , 315-365-2448, c315-651-1741

October - Walworth Quarry

WE WON’T STOP HERE, but for now this is what is tentatively slated for 2014





July 12-13 Syracuse Rock and Mineral Club, Syracuse  


July 31- Aug 1-2 Bancroft Jamboree, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada


Aug 8-10 Springfield, MA Gem and Mineral Show


Aug 22-24 St. Lawrence County Club Show, Madrid, NY  

     Saturday Field Trip to Bush Farms,  Sunday Field Trip to Powers Farm  (tourmalines doubled)


Complete This year:


March 22 (Saturday) – Long Pond Road Park (Marina Drive) West Rochester Leader – Stephen Mayer  (943-5058)  Meet at Marina Drive Circle area at 10 AM

Targeting Dalmanites and Trimerus trilobites in the Silurian Rochester shale alongside the Erie Canal.   Results report at April Mtg.


April 1 (Tuesday) – Ace of Diamonds Mine, Middleville, NY Leader – Bill Chapman.    Opening day at the Herkimer diamond locale, Great time had by those attending


April 12-13 (Sat-Sun) - Mt. Pleasant Mills, St. Claire, & Jermyn, PA    Leader – Bill Chapman - Wavellite, calcite, etc. at National Lms. Quarry, white fern fossils in St. Claire and likely more Weather was great along with the collecting


April 26 (Sat) – Sterling Hill Super Dig, Ogdensburg, NJ  (9 AM-11PM), $20 fee for event, collecting fee of $1.50/pound.  All in attendance came back sore and loaded with minerals. 


April 24-27 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium in Rochester, NY

    Check the RMS link ( for details of the 4 day event. 

    From those that attended "A show not to miss" 


May 3  (Sat)  Penfield Quarry Open House, 7:00 AM to noon. Be there at 6:50 for sign-in/safety review 


Hickory Hill together with Che-Hanna Club Leader – Bill Chapman Postpone DTBD   Herkimer area dig, small added fee likely for new exposures


May 10  (Sat)  – Alden, NY for pyrite nodules and pyritized fossils  Park at the north end of Dollar General's parking lot. We'll be going down to the creek at 10 AM looking for pyritized nodules & ammonites. Expect mud, water and a 1/4 mile walk. It's always a good time.   Leader – Bill Chapman


May 17 (Sat)  - Penn-Dixie Fossil Park, Hamburg, NY Leader - Gary Thomas      Dig with the Experts, $30 fee ($25 for members) for details:   or 716-627-4560  


May 24 (Sat) Club digging at Hickory Hills.  Site open to Public: Thursday(22) - Monday(26) 8:00AM - 5PM.  $8.00/person/day Free camping- no facilities.  Club leader – Bill Chapman.  map


May  31-June 1 - (Sat-Sun) - St. Lawrence Country Trip #1 Leader – Fred Haynes    Rose Road in Pitcairn, Fine area, Benson Mines (See May Newsletter p.1 for more details) Will be meeting at 10:00 AM Sat. at the Star Lake IGA. Approx. 1 hour east of Watertown.




June 21-22 (Sat-Sun) – St. Lawrence County Trip #2 Leader – Fred Haynes

Selleck Road (tremolite, fluor-uvite), Powers Farms (dravite), and probably more




Points Out and Around: Mid-Atlantic region (PA, MD, NJ, NY, DE)



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