P.O. BOX 4 NEWARK, NY 14513-0004


  Next Meeting: September 8, 2017 

     Park Presbyterian Church, Maple Court, Newark, NY. 

              (please use North entrance to church basement) 


 Program:  Show & Tell and sharing of summer rocks and fossils.

Newsletter:   September 2017    


 Pictures: Picnic 8/5/2017  & Green's Landing Trip 8/6/2017


  Wayne County Gem and Mineral Club Schedule - August through November, 2017


Items listed in bold print are pretty much set, those not in bold print are considered tentative.    


September 8 (Friday evening): Our first fall meeting in Newark (7:00-9:00 PM) 


September 9 (Saturday workshop) --  10:00 AM til mid-afternoon.  Time to cut and polish summer finds.


September 15-17 – 3 days of collecting in the western Adirondacks.  Logistics to be determined once we know who wants to go.  Contact Fred Haynes for details.


September 16-17 – Mid-Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society Annual Show – Gold’s Gym and Family Sports Center – 258 Titusville Rd., Poughkeepsie, NY Show Theme is GARNET Visit http://mhvgms.org/ for details including map 


October 1 (Sunday, 1:00-4:00 PM):  sale of rough rocks from club collection, lots of variety, by the pound  Location:  1267 Wiley Rd. in Savannah (Linda Schimdtgall’s home, call her for details) 


October 7-8 (Sat. – Sun.) – Walworth Quarry (7:00-2:00 PM Sat, 7:00-noon Sunday)  Arrive early for safety briefing. Hard hats/bike helmets, safety glass, sturdy shoes are required (contact Fred Haynes for info).


October 13 (Friday evening) – Monthly Meeting in Newark - October workshop not yet scheduled.


October xx – We have not been to Penn-Dixie in 2017.  Maybe a weekday trip?  (Monday or Tuesday?) 


Oct. 20-22   2017 EFMLS Annual Convention in Bristol, Connecticut.    http://www.amfed.org/efmls/Feb17EFNewsweb.pdf page 9


October 21 (Saturday)  -  Ace of Diamonds for Herkimers, a final trip before they close for the season  http://www.herkimerdiamonds.com/ 


October 28-29 – Rochester Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, and Fossil Show and Sale (Rochester Lapidary Society), NEW LOCATION: Total Sports Experience, 435 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY Visit http://www.rochesterlapidary.org/show/index.htm for details


November 10 (Friday evening) – Monthly Meeting in Newark - November workshop not yet scheduled.


November 11-19 – We are looking for interest in a 9 day trip to Arkansas and other southern locations.  Arkansas for quartz, maybe wavellite, NC for pegmatites and more, perhaps for geodes?    Logistics and sites will be determined by those who have interest.  WE NEED TO PLAN THIS SOON, so we need to know who is interested.  Talk to Linda or Fred.



  check Events Calendar for Points Out and Around


 Workshop is open  Check dates    Map

Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017


Bring your rocks to saw and/or polish. The workshop is

open to all paid club members; we do ask for $5/visit

from each adult to help maintain equipment. We plan

to hold similar workshops once a month through the

winter months. 


When:  10:00 AM til 3:00 PM, 


Where:  The Weiler’s Barn and Workshop            

                 6676 E. Port Bay Rd, Wolcott, NY  Map


Rules:  BYOR (Bring your own rocks, there are many that

            can be purchased) to saw, grind, polish or even facet.  

            Training on equipment is available.  Eye protection is

            highly recommended.   



Reminder: Membership runs from Oct. - Sept.

   (Microsoft Word Fill-in Form)  or   (PDF printable form)


Members for 2016-18 as of 6/27/17:

Allen, Beck, Breese, Brudecki, Chapman, Cordaro, Daniels, Dobbs, Errico, Featherly, Ferris, 

Haynes, Hoch, Jones, Keneston, Klass, Lesniak, Leszczenski, Linderbery, Loyd, Lyons, Millis, Morgenstern, Poorman, Provenzano, Reich, Rhoades, Rowe, Schiltz, Schmidtgall, Stanton, VanNeel, Walker, Weiler, Wirth, Woodworth, Zollweg, Wheaton, Davis


Members for 2016-17 as of 3/17/17:

Aldrich, Armstrong, Baker, Bancroft, Bastedo, Becker, Bigler, Brewster, Bricks, Bruster, Burch, Cappon, Cataldo, Curcio, Diaz, DiGristina, Donahue, Dougenik, Dow, Elias, Fry, Gates, Inzero, Jarvis, Kerr, Kisselburgh, Krisher, Leung, 

McCann, McGrath, Mobley, Murtha, O'Laughlin, Olmstead, Phillips, Retzbach, 

Pitcher, Scherer, Schroeder, Schwartz, Shorey, Smith, St.John, Sutherland, Thomas, Thompson, Tokaya, Valenti, Waddy, Webster, Whitney, Young, Zabarkes, Zeman, 



 New Link: Newsletter editor has his own site. Check it out. http://fredmhaynes.com/ 



Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00 PM

Location: at the Park Presbyterian Church, Maple Court St., Newark (CLICK for MAP)

         (Please use North side entrance of church to enter basement) 


Mail us at:                                                                   

Wayne County Gem & Mineral Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 4

Newark, NY 14513-0004 


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 Picture from  Canada Trip 8/2017


 Click for Pictures from Tichenor Point 6/18/11 

Click for Picture from Walworth Dig 10/9&10/10

Click for Pictures from Glendon, NC Check out the 8th pic. down

 Click for Pics: (9/18/10) Cameron Dig


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