P.O. BOX 4 NEWARK, NY 14513-0004


    Next Meeting: Dec. 9, 2016

at the Park Presbyterian Church, Maple Court, Newark, NY.

We'll be meeting at 6:30 PM, for our yearly fun filled Christmas Party


 Program: Food, Fun and Social - That is one event you will not want to miss.  Bring a dish to share, club provides the meat.

Please e-mail EvaJane Weiler (gwexterior@gmail.com) if you plan to attend and include number in your party (we want to be sure we have enough meat and prizes for all)  

We'll be glade to take any dues that are due. Check below if you're paid up to date.


 Newsletter: November 2016  


Our electronic scrapbook for the 2015 year (Click Here)


Link Video Highlight of the Lake Superior Field Trip




  WCGMC 2016 Field Trip/Event Schedule                            No new trips planned at this time. Stay posted to see if any come up.

However the workshop will be open on two Saturdays this month (12/3 & 12/10  10:00 - 3:00 giving you plenty of time to prep those Christmas gifts.


Remember to attend a WCGMC field trip you must be a club member, or a member of an affiliated club if you do not live in our region.


 Workshop is open  !!

Saturday, Decenber 3 & 10, 2016


Bring your rocks to saw and polish. The workshop is

open to all paid club members; we do ask for $5/visit

from each adult to help maintain equipment. We plan

to hold similar workshops once a month through the

winter months. 


When:  10:00 AM til 3:00 PM, 


Where:  The Weiler’s Barn and Workshop

                 6676 E. Port Bay Rd, Wolcott, NY  


Rules:  BYOR (Bring your own rocks, there are many that

            can be purchased) to saw, grind, polish or even facet.  

            Training on equipment is available.  Eye protection is

            highly recommended.   



 check Events Calendar for Points Out and Around



Reminder: Membership runs from Oct. - Sept.

   (Microsoft Word Fill-in Form)  or   (PDF printable form)


Members for 2016-17 as of 11/20/16:

Aldrich, Allen, Baker, Bancroft, Bastedo, Beck, Breese, Bricks, Cappon, Chapman, Curcio, DiGristina, Dougenik, Elias, Haynes, Inzero, Jones, Kerr, Kisselburgh, Linderbery, Lesniak, Leung, Lyons, McCann, McGrath, Mobley, Murtha, O'Laughlin, Olmstead, Phillips, Rowe, Schiltz, Schmidtgall, Schwartz, Smith, Stanton, St.John, Thomas, Webster, Weiler, Young, ValentiZabarkes, Zeman, Zollweg, Wheaton, Davis



Members for 2015-16 as of 7/28/16: need to renew if not above.


Aldrich,  Bancroft, Bastedo, Beck, Becker, Breese, Bricks, Brudecki, Cappon, Cataldo, Chapman, Colyer, Craig, Curcio, Daniels, Davey, Diaz, DiGristina, Donahue, Dougenik, Dow, Doyle, Elias, Errico, Fox, Frey, Haynes, Heinzerlin, Heffernan, Henrie, Hilts, Hoch, Hrabko, Hubbard, Imel, Inzero, Jastrzab, Jones, Kerr, Krisher, Linderbery, Lesniak, Leung, Lyons, Mayer, McCann, McGrath, McLean, Mills, Murtha, O'Laughlin, Olmstead, Rowe, Scherer, Schiltz, Schmidtgall, Schwartz, Shorey, Smith, Stanton, St.John, Stephens, Sutherland, Teachman, Thomas, Tokaya, Underwood, VanNeel, Walker, Watkins, Webster, Weiler, Wells, Wilson, Wirth, Woodworth, Zabarkes, Zeman, Zollweg, Wheaton, Davis



 New Link: Newsletter editor has his own site. Check it out. http://fredmhaynes.com/ 


PDF of the slide presentation by our newsletter Editor: Fred Haynes "2015 Review"   Part 1   Part 2       


Link to pdf of Feb. program. "Review of 2014 (Part I) (Part II) by Fred Haynes"  


I'm looking for some one to help me with uploading photos to this site, if anyone is interested in helping, e-mail me. wmlesniak@aol.com  


 Click for Pictures from Tichenor Point 6/18/11 

Click for Picture from Walworth Dig 10/9&10/10

Click for Pictures from Glendon, NC Check out the 8th pic. down

 Click for Pics: (9/18/10) Cameron Dig



Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month at 7:00 PM

Location: at the Presbyterian Church, Maple Court St., Newark (CLICK for MAP)

         (Please use North side entrance of church to enter basement) 


Mail us at:                                                                   

Wayne County Gem & Mineral Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 4

Newark, NY 14513-0004 


webmaster: wmlesniak@aol.com        You will need Adobe Reader

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